We added Bolivia to our trip as it was on our way south to Chile but had little idea what to expect as the country has some mixed reviews, but we were pleasantly surprised by much of what we encountered in this interesting country.

Our first stop was La Paz, the country’s capital city, set at an elevation of 3,500m above sea level resting on the Andes’ Altiplano, its the highest administrative capital in the world.

La Paz – click photo for post

From La Paz we took a trip to day trip to Lake Titicaca, it’s a long day but well worth a trip.

We took a day trip to Lake Titicaca which included a boat trip to the islands.

Lake Titicaca – click photo for post

From La Paz we flew to the town of Sucre, a small but beautiful place oozing with colonial Spanish buildings and a welcome relief from the altitude and scale of La Paz.

Sucre – click photo for post

Our next stop involved a long coach journey from Sucre to Uyuni , the gateway town to the famous Uyuni Salt flats and our three day jeep trek through the mountains into Chile.

First stop was the old train yard in Uyuni.

Uyuni Train Graveyard – click photo for post

Our next stop was the famous Uyuni Salt flats which we visited in January when the rains leave a pool that creates the worlds largest natural mirror…

Salar de Uyuni – click photo for post

Our three day trip across the altiplano had so much more to give as we headed up into the mountains, through the national park seeing coloured lagoons, thousands of flamingos and so many snow capped mountains and volcanoes, reaching an altitude of 4,000 meters able sea level.

Beautiful Bolivia – click image for the post

Our last day took us to the Bolivia/Chile land border and into San Pedro de Atacama.