Our first time to Singapore, a handy starting point to our Australasian trip! Although a 13hr flight from London, along with a 1 hr delay on the tarmac wasn’t a great start.

The Singapore skyline is quite iconic and its an easy city to walk around too. The weather was hot, humid and with the daily storm to reduce some of the humidity.

Its an expensive country for sure but there are ways to manage costs, fast food is one option, else there are plenty of street food markets providing a great mix of good quality food at reasonable prices.

The country is an interesting mix of cultures with a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian along with a sizeable international community here supporting the major businesses invested in this south eastern asian powerhouse.

Clean streets, great food, easy walking along with an effective and cheap metro allowed us to visit many great places making our 4 nights here better than we had expected. The Gardens By the Bay is one of the must visit places.

One of the best (and FREE!) places we visited was the National Museum. A Museum that is so impressive for its wonderfully immersive experience into the national culture that you leave with more than you came with, which surely has to be the goal of any museum. You can easily spend a couple or hours here and learn/see so much to understand Singapore’s interesting history.

Singapore National Museum – do go!

So the Gardens By the Bay are great, get your tickets online or at the place, again its Singapore so not cheap! Its a gotta see place but for me at least, it was not quite as good as I had expected even if it was an experience…its still a must do experience though so do it and take your own view!

Side view of the Flower Dome

What ever you do, you won’t be able to avoid the inevitable draw to the Marina Bay Sands building, its just one of the most iconic buildings you will ever see! They have light shows at night and the area around the bay has lots to offer.

Apple Store on steroids!
More Uber Shopping Options!

If you have time to walk around, do check out the Chinatown, Indian and Arab quarters, you see the wonders of a cosmopolitan city come to life in this city and well the food, the food 😉

An unexpected pleasure was walking through the CBD area, just across the bay from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Lots of impressive buildings and art pieces from international artists to liven up a vibrant area.

Love this ‘Airfix’ thang!

So, there you go, no doubt much that we missed but from our experience a visit to a City that kept on giving!

So to Indonesia which will be a rather different experience but no regrets for our visit here!

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  1. Hi Jeff, Jackie

    I also love Singapore, China Town was fantastic, I used to stay in The Shangri La Hotel (garden wing) loved it, all the orchids, try and pop in it’s a lovely hotel to visit outside the new Singapore hotels. So jeal it’s raining hard here, cold and miserable, safe journey to you both love ya xxxxx keep posting xxxxx

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