View towards the old town in Punta Del Este

Uruguay is situated between Argentina to the south and Brazil in the north. It’s around two thirds of the size of the UK with a population of around 3.5million.

We had tried to visit Uruguay in 2020 but were unable to enter the country as the COVID pandemic ran its course through South America with us having to return to the UK a few days later.

Keen to complete our original trip, we returned at the end of 2021 to spend 4 weeks experiencing the wonders of this South American gem.

During our trip we saw some of most beautiful and often deserted beaches, some very special towns, great restaurants and shared the wonderful experience of people clapping on the beach as the sun sets on the horizon!

Below I have shared some photos of our journey, I hope this provides you an insight into our experiences. Click on the photos for a deeper dive into the places we visited.

Plaza Indepencia – Montevideo (click photo)

From Montevideo we took a 2.5hr coach journey to Punta Del Este, the main tourist destination in Uruguay.

La Mano (the hand) sculpture on Brava Beach, Punta Del Este (click photo)

A short coach journey north on to the Atlantic coast and we arrive in Jose Ignacio, a small but beautiful and up market coastal resort town.

View towards the Jose Ignacio lighthouse from Playa Mansa (click photo)

From Jose Ignacio we travelled further up the coast to La Paloma, each town now getting smaller and the beaches more rugged and even more deserted.

Sunset at La Paloma (click photo)

We took a day trip up to Cabo de Polonio, an hour or so further up the coast to our final stop in Uruguay.

Cabo do Polonio and it’s seal’s chilling by the lighthouse (click photo)