Uruguay – La Paloma

The further north we travelled along the Atlantic coast in Uruguay, the less populated and more rugged and interesting the coastline becomes. We might have missed the rocks more than I thought given the number of photos I took of them!

Of course, you need a lighthouse, here is another one 🙂

Stunning beach rock formations.

More pretty rocks!

The weather became a bit more changeable at this time but you sure know when the sun comes out!

We found this very cool beach bar, good music, food and drinks…a great spot to watch the sun go down!

Paloma town was running some community events, this was an interesting one!

Not sure what type of car this is graciously rusting in a garden…

From here we took a day trip to Cabo de Polonio before heading back to Montevideo’s airport to fly to Brazil for our next leg of the journey…

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