Uruguay – Jose Ignacio

An hour or so up the coast from Punta Del Este and we arrive at the town of Jose Ignacio. A town of only a few hundred people multiplies in the summer as people head to this beautiful town in Uruguay.

It’s an upmarket town with lovely shops and wonderful, if relatively expensive, restaurants. We had some wonderful food and great nights out in Jose Ignacio, it’s a special place and I think our favourite in Uruguay.

Jose Ignacio’s lighthouse (faro)

There are beaches either side of the lighthouse and we kept finding these strange water filled globes on the beach. They were actually snail eggs that had been washed ashore.

Snail ‘egg’!
View along the beach to Jose Ignacio in the distance

We hired a car and drove north along the coast seeing miles and miles of mostly deserted beaches.

Boats by the lagoon

You see some interesting buildings along the road from La Barra to Jose Ignacio, so much individuality, including quite a few thatch roofs too.

For here we travelled further north along the coast to La Paloma.

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