The Philippines

This was our first time in the Philippines and its such a fantastic country. Made up of over 7,400 islands there are so many places to go and its mostly far less developed than many tropical and exotic destinations.

Our first stop was the well developed island of Boracay.

Boracay – click photo to see post

From there we flew to Palawan, thinking we were stopping in places in a Star Wars movie from the name at least!

El Nido Palawan – click photo to see post

From Palawan we flew to Panglao and took a boat to a small island called Siquijor, our favourite place in the Philippines, just a beautiful island. We stayed a week, we could have stayed forever!

Siquijor – click photo for post

From Siquijor we took the ferry to Panglao for our final week on the islands.

Panglao/Bohol – click photo to see post

Our final stop was Manila, we stayed a few days to check out the capital.

From Manila we flew to Vietnam.