The Philippines – Siquijor

Our first two destinations in the Philippines have been great but we had heard lots about this small island just a couple of hours south of Bohol.

We have been so lucky to visit so many beautiful places in the world, but this island and this beach is truly exceptional!

We stayed at an upmarket hotel on the beach, month 4 of our trip was a chance to chill a bit and enjoy some relaxation time by the beach! Hard life this travelling you know!

So we found a piece of heaven on wonderful Tubod beach, its a marine reserve and a fabulous snorkel location.

Walk straight from your room, via a spot of breakfast on the beach, to the sea and snorkel amongst some great marine and coral life.

It gave us a chance to test out our GoPro for underwater shots which are starting to improve!

We found nemo!

Turtles too!

And the fish above was very big, well at least 2 feet long and i seemed more concerned than it was about being close underwater.

We hired a bike for the day and took a ride out to look around the island. Around £5 a day to hire, insurance and license not a conversation point.

There is a Catholic presence on the island even if it has a mystical and spiritual history. St. Isidoro de Labrador Church in Lazi is quite impressive and sits opposite a convent.

Lazi covent was built in the late 1800’s and it quite beautiful inside, although the creaky floorboards and the gaps make you feel a little wary.

With your own transport you can stop and see things a formal tour just passes by, this rice field was worth a stop.

We went to the Cambugahay Falls, early enough for it not to be too crowded. A lovely spot with rope swings those more adventurous and younger than us!

Although just walking along the precarious wet stones between the falls was game enough for us!

Next stop on our ride was to find a local ‘healer’, I am past healing but my wife was game.

Lots of chants and some burning of special ingredients and all was good 😉

One more stop to feed the fish by the Old Enchanted Balete Tree!

Not for me though, my feet are not fish friendly.

The next day we took a tour out to Apo Island with a trip to the port in this funky Jeepney.

Some more fabulous beaches, a fine lunch and snorkelling in a turtle reserve and over a fantastic coral garden.

Our last night in this fantastic place.

Another beautiful sunset with my wonderful travel and life partner.

And a fire dancing show by the beach.

A highlight of our trip this is easily and certainly a place we would return to. Next a ferry back to Bohol and then to Manila.

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