Brazil – Olinda (Recife)

Olinda is a colonial town on Brazil’s northeast coast, near the city of Recife. Founded in 1535 by the Portuguese, it’s built on steep hillsides and distinguished by its 18th-century architecture (rebuilt after being looted the Dutch).

The small city is filled with baroque churches, convents, monasteries and brightly painted houses.

As in many Brazilian cities, there is a strong link to the annual carnival traditions and there are a number of museums showing some of the costumes used.

The costumes are made with fibreglass or polystyrene to keep them light enough to wear during the carnival processions. They are intricately made and beautifully painted and dressed.

From the top of the hill you can see the main city of Recife and the man beach resort area of Boa Viagem.

There is a small sandy area by the sea in Olinda, but not a proper beach.

The Convento de Sao Francisco is well worth a visit just to see it’s beautiful interior.

The lower parts of main chapel walls are covered by blue-white tile panels that depict the scenes of the life of St.Francis of Assisi.

Restoration work continues in this beautiful building.

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