Colombia – Bogota

Bogota is set in the Andes at an elevation of just over 2,600 metres above sea level, which can take a bit of adjusting too. It’s proximity to the equator brings a relatively cool but constant climate throughout the year.

Founded in the early 1500’s by the Spanish conquistadors and set against the rising mountains of the Andes, the city is at its grandest in the old town.

The streets of Bogotá’s old town

We visited the fabulous Fernando Botero gallery which also has pieces from Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Henry Moore and Marc Chagall amongst others.

A Botero relief with its typical outsized proportions
A typically intriguing Dali piece

We also visited the Gold museum which has a fantastic collection illustrating the importance of this precious metal to the ancient people of Colombia and the wealth that was to attract other nations in due course.

Bogota also gave us our first glimpse of Colombian street art, something that has since impressed us in many of the cities we have visited. The themes often celebrating the cultural vibrancy of its people and adding further colour to the streets.