Brazil – Foz do Iguaçu

The Iguaçu Falls located on the border of Argentina and Brazil and consist of approximately 257 individual waterfalls, the main attraction being the Devil’s Throat with a drop of just over 250ft and made up of 13 waterfalls.

You can visit both the Argentinian and Brazil sides of the falls, although this had been our original plan, due to COVID entry requirements we kept to the Brazilian side only.

You can clearly see an Argentina lookout point just across the border

The falls are set in Iguaçu National Park, tickets are required for entry and these include the bus from the entry point up to the falls and back. There is an earlier stop off point if you have purchased a boat trip else you leave the bus near the (pink) Belmont hotel (the only hotel that lets you stay in the park after 5pm closing).

From the drop off point you follow a set trail along the mountain side to see the waterfalls, this runs for a couple of kilometres until you get to the magnificent site of the Devil’s Throat at the end point.

Up above is the visitors centre, a restaurant and the buses back to the park entry point.

There is a fair bit of wildlife to spot along the walkway and swirling high above the falls.

Above you can see the final walkway that gives a great view into the Devil’s Throat section of the falls. This part can be busy and tricky to navigate with tourist and local photographers taking selfie’s!

Part of the falls is the location for a scene from The Mission film where a local tribe tied a Jesuit priest to a cross and threw him down the falls!

Right at the end of the trail you can get quite close to the falls and see their awesome power!

View from the plane leaving Foz

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