Shimla – A different India?

Our fourth destination was Shimla, an old hill station where the old British empire administration used to impose their colonial powers from whilst enjoying the cool mountain weather during the hot Indian summers.

After our travels in India this was such a different experience. It’s a little like a ski resort (its much cooler in November than the rest of India) and in the hills you find a different outlook too. So far it’s the cleanest Indian town we have seen, there are bins (!) and radically it’s a no smoking in public areas place too – lucky I gave up smoking before we got there!

What’s of interest is the British architectural influence you see, it just spins your mind a little, as India can helpfully do for you occasionally!

After smog ridden Dehli, it’s like paradise for your lungs although it’s not so easy to adapt to the cooler days and chilly nights (hot water bottles required after the warm days we have encountered to date!).

We took at relatively tough walk up to the Jakhoo temple full of monkeys…

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