The Golden Temple of Amritsar

We visited the beautiful Golden Temple in Amritsar on the first day of Diwali. The Golden Temple is the holiest places for Sikhism and this day coincides with Bandi Chhor Divas, an important day for Sikh’s too.

The temple complex is massive, and very impressive to visit. They have prayers sounding across the complex and before entering you must store your shoes, wash your hands and feet, along with having to cover your head.

The buildings come alive at night with numerous lights creating wonderful reflections on the surrounding water.

The formal dress for many of the Sikh visitors was very impressive, complete with swords and spears in many cases an an array of head scarfs too.

Above is a gentleman with the most impressive turban I saw!

The banks of the lake are covered with fire offerings making the temple a dazzling sight at night.

Below Jacqui s requested for a picture by this young lady’s mother.

Below, Jacqui in her pashmina with a light offering.

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