Jaipur – Out and About

Wandering around the back streets of Jaipur you see some beautiful old buildings even if they may have seen grander days.

The man above was asleep in an alcove within a city wall gate, with traffic scooting past him on either side. Not the best place to crash out and just how he can sleep with the noise and fumes about him amazed me.

Above the roof top of a Hindu temple near to the City Palace, in terminal decline it seems.

And so after 5 weeks travelling, time for a haircut by this hairdresser in a Jaipur backstreet, i was too timid to try the street barbers and a local audience!

It cost £1 for a job well done, with an Indian head massage to finish thrown in, Jacqui was up for a head massage too 😉

We set off to Jodhpur next via a camel fair in Pushkar in the next day or two.

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