Colombia – Cartagena

Cartagena is a beautiful Colombian port on its Caribbean coast, complete with an interesting history and a walled city with wonderfully preserved colonial buildings.

Cartagena is a wonderful place to explore with numerous shops, bars and restaurants, it just oozes life. The old town is the main draw for many and this means it’s one of the more expensive cities in Columbia but it’s well worth a visit although it can get very hot.

Fresh Coconut Milk Stall
Fresh Fruit Anyone?

We have to recommend this innovative Beer and Laundry store, also offering food whilst you wait for your service wash, so impressive.

The novel Beer and Laundry store
A local artist’s shop in Getsemani
Tonight’s Menu
A busy Bar next to Plaza de Trinidad

Aside from the old town there is also the more modern area of Bocogrande, just a 30mins walk from the old town, with an expansive and lively beach.

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