Colombia – Salento

Salento sits nearly 1,900 metres above sea level in the Andes and is one of most picturesque places I’ve had the pleasure to visit. Known for its coffee farms, cloud forest views and treks as well as the beautiful Valley Del Cocora, it’s a world of jaw dropping vistas.

Dusk in Salento

I’m no expert on birds, but I think this is a this pair of Californian Vultures sitting in the tree above the valley, stretching and drying their wings. The glide over the valley here with such poise.

A couple of less rare local pigeons rest in a tree below.

The town of Salento is very pretty and can be quite lively with a number of good bars and restaurants available. We found one offering Tejo, a game involving throwing stones at small targets containing gunpowder! A hit provides a small explosion, best tried with beer and tequila of course. I made for a fun afternoon!

A hit!
Local guy drumming up business for his bar!

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