Colombia – Quatape

It’s well worth a day trip out to Quatape and Piedre del Penol from Medellin if you have the time.

Just the drive out of Medellin affords fantastic views back across its valley but the views from the top of the Rock on Penol are also quite stunning.

El Piedra del Penol – The Rock

Of course you have to climb all 750 steps to get to the top (Yep down also) buts it’s easier than it looks and you can rest on the way, as I needed to once or twice! At the top is a cafe and some fantastic views across the Penol region.

A short distance for the Rock is the pretty town of Quatape featuring beautifully decorated houses and shops, each with their distinctive tiled pictures, making it well worth a look around.

And of course you can also stop for a drink or two…

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